Voice Search and all major SEO trends in 2019

The SEO Trends Making the Biggest Impact in 2019

Original post by: Ruben Santiago

The SEO Trends Making the Biggest Impact in 2019

SEO changes are coming one after another – like waves. And in 2019, you’ve got two choices: sink or swim.

Sound dramatic?

Maybe it is.

But the truth is that it’s getting more and more difficult to stay on top of the shifting tides of SEO. Google updates its algorithm regularly and doesn’t share the changes – and if you want your website to stay visible and maintain its rank, you’ve got to be ready to move with the current.

So, with that in mind, here are the biggest SEO trends of 2019 – as I see them – and some tips on how to use them to your advantage.

The SEO Trends Making the Biggest Impact in 2019

Voice Search  

I’m starting with a big one that many small and medium-sized companies are still ignoring. Voice search isn’t going anywhere – and in fact, it’s going to become increasingly important in 2019.


Because pretty much all of us are using voice search in some way. Whether you’re starting a mobile search by saying “OK Google” or calling on Alexa, Cortana, or Siri to help you find what you need, you’re using voice search. Plus, it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by next year.

And guess what?

This means your customers are using it too.

One of the best ways to capitalize on this trend is to optimize your site with voice search in mind.

That means incorporating common questions into your content – because your customers are asking questions and your website should answer them.

Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s mobile-first indexing is still relatively new, but only a fool would believe that it won’t increase in importance in 2019. Right now, about 60% of all searches are mobile – and that number’s only going to go up.

How do you take advantage of this trend?

First, make sure your site is mobile responsive.

Honestly, at this point, there’s no excuse for it not to be.

Next, think about how your site’s design will impact mobile users.

You want a clean design that’s easy to use. That means properly-sized mobile buttons, single-column text, and other mobile features like direct dialing.

You may also want to think about accepting mobile payments in your store if you have one. The idea is to make it easier for mobile customers to support your business.

The SEO Trends Making the Biggest Impact in 2019

Structured Data

SEO is in an interesting place right now.

As we become more mobile-dependent, and the use of voice searches and artificial intelligence increases, we all need to be thinking about how our websites’ data can be accessed easily.

One way to do that is to use Schema and other structures to organize your data. Things like information architecture, tags, metadata, and structured mark-up can all help ensure that your site is easy to crawl and index.

I know that all sounds very technical, but an experienced SEO can help you navigate the tech requirements while still providing a site that’s user-friendly, readable, and engaging.

Brand Mentions Rank High

SEO is no longer just about what’s on your website.

It’s also about how people are talking about you on social media sites and other places online – and those brand mentions are now having a big impact on how Google perceives your company.

If you’re not already tracking your social mentions, now is the time to start doing it.

Following other brands on social media will reveal that some of them are responding when people mention them – and they’re making a big impact doing it.

Even a word of encouragement or a quick joke can make a huge difference in how people think of you. Awario is a great tool for tracking your mentions.

Focus on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness  

The big trio of online impact is E-A-T; Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Technically, E-A-T isn’t part of Google’s algorithm, but it is a guideline for Google’s algorithm raters. That means you can’t afford to ignore it.

What you can do to offer E-A-T to your site’s visitors is provide content that’s:

  • Meaningful
  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Authoritative
  • Deep

You don’t need to write 5,000-word blog posts.

However, it is very helpful to cover the topics that are in your area of expertise in depth. If a topic is too big or complex for a single blog post, do a series of posts (or a series of videos) to cover it.

You can demonstrate E-A-T by creating a system of internal links to help visitors navigate through the information that’s available and easily find content that’s related to what they’re viewing.

Site Speed

Speed is another topic you may think I’ve covered too much – but when I repeat myself, it’s only because I know how important it is and I want to make sure that you’re not overlooking something that can have a huge impact on your SEO.

There’s no such thing as a website that loads too quickly.

All web users are impatient and mobile users are more impatient than most. Very few are going to wait longer than five or six seconds for your site to load.

Anything that might be slowing your site down needs to go. That means:

  • Auto-play audio and video
  • Flash
  • Outdated plug-ins

You can and should use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check your site’s loading speed.

Then, do whatever you can to update it and speed it up , so that users don’t need to think about the time it takes your site to load – because they’ll already be looking at your awesome content.

Riding the Waves and Staying on Top.   

What’s going to keep you riding high in 2019 is knowing which waves matter in the world of SEO.

The six things I’ve identified here are the ones that are going to make the biggest impact this year – and that means they’re the things that will help you rise above the competition and make 2019 your best year ever.

2019: – Major SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid.



These are the major SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2019:

SEO, ( Search Engine Optimization ) one trend taking the internet by storm. This is a very good way of getting traffic to your websites. Traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more income generated but it is an indication that there will be an increase in profit. As a small business owner, it’s of great importance to note that you are swimming in a complex marketplace. A marketplace filled with brands trying to get more web traffic despite the mammoth amount of traffic that they have. Starting and sustaining a business in no easy task. This is because, these brands are working with one SEO agency or the other that are well equipped with the algorithms released by the various engines and are in a better position as to making better SEO related decisions.

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These brands also have the services of some ecommerce development company at their beck and call. As a result it is no surprise that the website links of the big brands usually appear as the first set of results, when an internet user searches the web using one keyword or the other. Considering these factors, it is quite easy to give up on using a SEO campaign. You can still make your mark in the online community using SEO, all you need do is avoid these mistakes.



Conduct Market Survey

Don’t make the mistake of jumping on trends because it is what is in vogue or because it is working for everyone else. It is very important to do your homework to be able to ascertain if it will work for you. If it will work for you, what are the techniques to apply when using this trend called SEO, what are the principles guiding its use, who are the competitions you have, how effective is their own campaign technique amongst other things. Do not be in a hurry, it is not how much but how well.



Identify Prospects

It is very important to identify individuals who will most likely patronize your business, goods or services. This is very important as this will be a deciding factor as to what type of content to develop, what type of keywords to use, what type of language. It is very important to identify those that will likely subscribe to what you have to offer. It is very necessary to have a clear picture of this factor so as avoid giving the right service to the wrong people and vice versa.



Suitable Content

It is very important to give what is suitable to the people it is most suitable for. The content is what keeps your subscribers attention. The content of your website or blog is what gives information about what you have to offer. Develop your content with a generic view. Your content shouldn’t always be about you or your business. Your contents should also give information on other areas that affect your subscribers as long as it relates to your business.




This is where most bloggers and web operators get it wrong. It is very important to use keywords but it is more important to avoid the excessive use of keywords as they show desperation and causes your content to lose it’s originality. There are various types of keywords and it is very important to understand how to use them.




Poor Website Optimization

Google and other search engines will always web operators that are not careful. It is important to have a good website but is better or best to have a fast loading website. Individual will run away from away from websites that takes over 3-5seconds to loads. Avoid the use of too colourful designs as these designs take up data and causes your website to lag.


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Excessive Optimization

It is important to have a very optimized website but a website has some must-have features. You should avoid depriving your website of some important features in the name of optimization. Instead of totally removing these features, you can work on your website to have these important features and still be optimized.



 Source: (Adapted )


What All Small Businesses Should Know about Paid Social Media Advertising

– Paid Social Media Advertising.

Fact: There are today over three billion active social media users. This implies that about 40 percent of the world’s population is actively using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social platforms. The next implication is that your target audience is most likely among these users. And thus, to get their attention—and convert them into customers—it is imperative that you incorporate social media marketing into your small business strategies.

However, that can be easier said than done, especially if this is your maiden voyage in the realm of paid social media advertising. This article will discuss what paid social media advertising is, and why your small business needs it.

Create Smart Funnels to your leads and sell more
Create smart funnels to your leads and sell more

What is Paid Social Media Advertising?

This refers to paid ad content on social media platforms. You have come across examples of this before, such as that ad that comes before your YouTube video, an advertisement for shoes on Facebook, and so forth. However, it is not the same as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC). PPC marketing is different from paid social media advertising. In PPC you pay a search engine to display your ad when an internet user enters specific search keywords; whereas, in paid social media advertising, you pay the social media platform for displaying your ad. In PPC, your ad is displayed based on keywords, while in paid social media advertising, you can target a specific audience based on factors such as gender, age, marital status, and so forth.

Commission Wave = Sales with free traffic
Commission Wave = Sales with free traffic

Why do Small Businesses Need Paid Social Media Advertising?

A lot of businesses have set up social media accounts to connect with their customers, showcase promotions, and build their brands. There is no downside to this as there are no costs involved in setting up a social account and advertising your wares. However, all the free stuff comes at a cost; you will not reach as many people.

A survey done in 2016 revealed that organic reach for Facebook business pages had fallen by 52 percent. In other words, posts from business pages were seen half as regularly as the year before. Why? Facebook is now prioritizing content from the user’s friends and family in their newsfeeds over that of business pages. (Translation: As your customers scroll through their newsfeeds, they’ll first see posts from people they regularly interact with before they see yours—that is if they will ever see your posts.)

Facebook is hardly the only social platform prioritizing organic content. Photos and videos on Instagram appear on the user’s news feed based on how likely they are to engage with the poster, i.e., comment or heart. You can see this on YouTube where the platform only recommends videos that are similar to what you searched for.

The consequence is that even if you are creating content that is unique, compelling, and adds value to the user, it is becoming incredibly difficult to get the attention of users. This is the beauty of paid ads. Getting attention is a lot easier when you are paying for it.

Facebook Posts to Ads and sales profits
Turn Facebook Posts to Ads and sales profits

Which Social Media Platform Should You Use?

When working on a budget, your choice of platform is essential because some channels are more expensive than others. For instance, a paid ad on Instagram costs more than a Facebook one. Nevertheless, you should consider your target demographic when choosing between the two.

Facebook, however, offers the most significant diversity as over three-quarters of adults online use the platform, in addition to being popular across all age groups.

When you are looking to target women, consider Pinterest as approximately 85% of all Pinterest users are ladies. It is also the ideal platform for highly visual products, as photos are their primary kind of content.

When it comes to Instagram, about a third of adults online use it. However, it is highly popular among 18 to 29-year-olds as close to 60% of them use it, as compared to only 8 percent of adults over 65 that use it. Instagram is good for visual brands as well.

Twitter is popular among mothers with kids under 18 and urban teenage girls. If your product fits this demographic, then Twitter is the platform for you.

LinkedIn is popular among college graduates and people earning over $75k a year. It is a good fit if you sell career-related products or sell professional services.

Paying for Ads

These social platforms allow you to budget for your ads based on your objectives:

Cost-per-click (CPC): This refers to the amount of money that you pay for every person that clicks on your ad. The ideal CPC will be determined by the ROI that you are aiming for. Nevertheless, the revenue-to-ad ratio that is most recommended is the five-to-one, where you receive $5 in revenue for every dollar that you use on advertising.

Cost-per-impression (CPM): This is the amount of money you pay every time your ad is viewed. The difference between CPM and CPC is that in CPM, the user does not have to click on your ad. As such, it does not necessarily lead to profits. It is, however, a good way of promoting your brand’s awareness as you will be paying for your ad to appear on people’s news feeds.

Measuring the Ads’ Performance

You must consistently check on your ads to see whether they realize their intended objectives. Therefore, after letting your ads run for a couple of days or a week, take the time to analyze their performance. The most common ad-performance metrics include:

Click-through-rate (CTR): The higher your CTR, the better. This performance indicator shows many people took action after seeing your advertisement.

Cost per Conversion (CPC): Converting your target audience is the ultimate goal of your campaign. Thus, the CPC refers to the average cost of getting one individual to take the desired action.

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA): For instance, let’s say that the desired action was to get your target audience to book a free consultation with you. Among them, there are some that will eventually sign up for your paid service. CPA, therefore, refers to how much it cost you to get these new customers. By measuring your ads’ performance, you will tell whether your campaign is successful or not.

Paid social media advertising is an excellent way of reaching your target audience. Hopefully, you have begun to understand the ways you can incorporate paid social media advertising. By using this strategy, a small business can grow its brand much faster than using traditional marketing techniques.

When starting a new business, marketing will be a very important part in your company’s success. For more articles that will help you with your company’s marketing, subscribe.

P.S. –You can follow some of the procedures outlined here to effectively advertise on all social media platforms more economically by using various tools shown in the various banners on this website. Enjoy.

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Video traffic will rank your youtube videos to top

Source:  SPN (adapted)


The Pact to achieve $50,000 in 3 months

The Pact to achieve

$50,000 in 3 months

(failure rate = 75%)




In a fresh internet chat room, 20 strangers made a pact together to make $50,000 revenue in 3 months by getting their ideas out there as fast as possible. It was a big but serious dream, especially considering some members were close to broke!
In just 9 weeks, two of the people in the group exceeded $50,000 and a few more are close behind and making great progress. However, at the same time over half the group is barely making a dent.
So what’s the difference?  Why are some racing ahead and others being left behind?
All 20 people work in the same niche and market to the same audience, they are all intelligent people, but the difference between the winners and losers is in how they act and how they think…


The personality traits of winning entrepreneurs.  Do you pass the test?
  1. The winners set launch dates, deadlines and aggressive goals like releasing a new product/update/offer every two weeks. They may miss, but they try hard to hit them.
  2. The winners focus on this one project with pinpoint precision. They make more money because they can say no to pursuing other projects. That makes sticking to #1 much easier.
  3. The winners don’t focus on perfection and are more focused on getting something good out there quickly, that getting something perfect out there sometime in the distant future.
  4. The winners accept “flops” as inevitable, and embrace the “flop”. They know their early attempts probably won’t do great, so it is important to get those early attempts done and dusted as quickly as possible.
  5. The winners hunt out their mistakes. This is against our natural emotion to accept we did things wrong but it is vitally important to improve. The winners know that mistakes are normal and are not wrong at all. They hunt out what they did wrong so they can improve next time.
  6. The winners say “If they can do it so can I”, and they find out how they did it. They network, analyze, scrutinize, and reverse engineer to find out why someone else did better than they did.
  7. They focus on a few USPs (unique selling propositions) and copy the rest from other winners.
  8. The winners focus on extending their strengths (after identifying them) and rely on using or copying others in areas they are weak.
  9. The winners hunt out successful people they can learn from and put a big effort into networking.
  10. The winners are generous to their partners and stakeholders. They pay generous commissions, good wages, share profits and help others. Their generosity stands out against the competition. This motivates their partners and creates opportunities.
  11. The winners focus on marketing more than the product/idea/service. In fact the marketing drives the product creation.
  12. The winners block out distractions and set time aside to get things done. They are disciplined to turn off email, chat, television and any other distractions that stop them from working.
  1. The losers drift and don’t held themselves to deadlines or targets. Ask the loser when his next deadline is and he won’t know.
  2. The losers can’t say no to shiny objects and have a lot of projects on the go and find it too hard to abandon any one project to focus more on others. Quite simply they can’t focus.
  3. The losers focus on perfection. They want everything ‘just right’ for when they make that all important launch. Perfection takes a long time and they miss opportunities and the learning process from launching NOW!
  4. The losers fear the flop. So much so that they may never launch, and if they do they may hide away or seek to blame others and not accept responsibility when things don’t go to plan.
  5. The losers are stubborn and blame others. They don’t want to be shown or face their mistakes. They want to prove to the world that what they did was right, and that it was others that were wrong. They’ll even go as far as calling their customers stupid for not buying their product, they’ll highlight the stupidity of the ad-network that does not approve their ad, they’ll blame a guru or teacher for their failures, and they’ll blame their friends and family for lack of support. They will be very reluctant to change or admit where they went wrong, despite the fact being wrong is NORMAL.
  6. The losers look at the winners and make excuses about why they can’t do what the winners have done. Instead of looking for ways to emulate the winners, they hunt out differences which they can identify as excuses for not being a winner.
  7. Losers forget about having any USPs at all and just try to copy someone else (and do a worse job). Just as common in losers is that they think they must do things differently to all the winners to stand out, and that doing this gives them a USP. So they choose not to do everything that the winners do to be “unique” and “clever”, and fail at the same time.
  8. The losers focus on trying to handle and be good at everything, and are reluctant to put their weaknesses in the hands of others.
  9. The losers avoid talking with successful people, or agitate successful people, because they don’t take advice and criticism well. Just being around successful people depresses them rather than motivates them because it shows that they have made mistakes and need to change, so they avoid it.
  10. The losers are greedy. They don’t want to share their profits and success with others and will offer lower commissions, wages, profit share and less help to others. They ultimately alienate themselves from opportunities.
  11. The losers focus on their product foremost and marketing second. They may produce an awesome product, but without solid marketing it flops.
  12. The losers are easily distracted. In fact they unconsciously routine their day to have distractions like email alerts, chat, television, news, chores, phone calls etc. so they don’t have to face the music. They invite distraction rather than actively take steps to block it out. Even though these distractions lower their quality of life and stop them from achieving their dreams, they will defend them like a drug addict.
So are you a winner or a loser?
Many people have come to discover over the last few years the potential of an additional source of income online with a few hours after daily work.
When we are subjugated to a job from 9 to 5 we make investments every day that we do not even count in this endless rat race. We spend fuel, tolls, adequated clothing/outfit, daily time in queues of transit on the road, etc.
We exchange a certain time of our day for a certain amount at the end of the week or month.
Many of us now try to get out of this vicious circle to try achieve a better freer life with more quality time for family and friends.
Some of us incessantly seek to find the starting point in affiliate sales and never finish a method. A large majority give up after a few months.
Some few are more persistent and do not give up fighting. Restart and learn from each loss concluding that at least gained more experience and new weapons for future challenges.
Currently, on the Internet, are available for cheap prices some applications that really work and with small steps and adjustments, they are able to really work and show results in a few weeks or months.
Many of these tools you will find them here, it will be enough to pick the ones that best fit your goals and get your hands on it with the included step by step tutorials.
Go for it.
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50k in 3M – Originally Posted in August 11, 2011(Adapted) but  remains perfectly current past more than 7 years, which is fabulous considering the speed of evolution of the (and on the) Internet.